Announce: Entangle “Sodium“ release 2.0 – an app for tethered camera control & capture

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I am pleased to announce a new release 2.0 of Entangle is available for download from the usual location:

This release is largely bug fixes with a couple of small features

  • Require gobject introspection >= 1.54
  • Require GTK3 >= 3.22
  • Fix dependency on libraw
  • Fix variable name in photobox plugin
  • Document some missing keyboard shortcuts
  • Fix upper bound in histogram to display clipped pixel
  • Refresh translations
  • Option to highlight over exposed pixels in red
  • Disable noisy compiler warning
  • Remove use of deprecated application menu concept
  • Fix image redraw when changing some settings
  • Update mailing list address in appdaat
  • Add more fields to appdata content
  • Fix refrence counting during window close
  • Use correct API for destroying top level windows
  • Fix unmounting of cameras with newer gvfs URI naming scheme
  • Avoid out of bounds read of property values
  • Fix many memory leaks
  • Workaround for combo boxes not displaying on Wayland
  • Fix race condition in building enums
  • Fix setting of gschema directory during startup
  • Set env to ensure plugins can find introspection typelib Requires

Announce: Release of Entangle v0.3.1 – An app for tethered camera control & capture

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I am pleased to announce a new release 0.3.1 of Entangle, a GTK3 desktop application for tethered camera control & capture, is available for download from the usual location. This release has focused exclusively on bug fixing following the major refactoring that went into the previous release. If you were having trouble with the previous release crashing, then I hope this new one should improve things significantly.

  • Fix crash in handling camera control combo list
  • Add notice about need to set XDG_DATA_DIRS when installing into unusual directories
  • Add workaround to avoid immediate crash if schemas were not found in XDG_DATA_DIRS
  • Compile schema files after installation
  • Fix crash updating widget sensitivity
  • Fix crashes & race conditions during capture of images
  • Fix infinite preview error message popups which can hang the window manager
  • Fix crash when retrying a failed connection attempt
  • Fix thread locking when hiding status display
  • Avoid running multiple threads for monitoring status
  • Fix initial sensitivity of camera control panels
  • Update README with new URLs for bugs/mailing lists

Since the latest release I have also registered Entangle with GNA!, to get support for mailing lists and bug tracking.