Announce: Entangle “Sodium“ release 2.0 – an app for tethered camera control & capture

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I am pleased to announce a new release 2.0 of Entangle is available for download from the usual location:

This release is largely bug fixes with a couple of small features

  • Require gobject introspection >= 1.54
  • Require GTK3 >= 3.22
  • Fix dependency on libraw
  • Fix variable name in photobox plugin
  • Document some missing keyboard shortcuts
  • Fix upper bound in histogram to display clipped pixel
  • Refresh translations
  • Option to highlight over exposed pixels in red
  • Disable noisy compiler warning
  • Remove use of deprecated application menu concept
  • Fix image redraw when changing some settings
  • Update mailing list address in appdaat
  • Add more fields to appdata content
  • Fix refrence counting during window close
  • Use correct API for destroying top level windows
  • Fix unmounting of cameras with newer gvfs URI naming scheme
  • Avoid out of bounds read of property values
  • Fix many memory leaks
  • Workaround for combo boxes not displaying on Wayland
  • Fix race condition in building enums
  • Fix setting of gschema directory during startup
  • Set env to ensure plugins can find introspection typelib Requires

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