Announce: Entangle “Potassium“ release 3.0 – an app for tethered camera control & capture

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I am pleased to announce a new release 3.0 of Entangle is available for download from the usual location:
This release has a mixture of new features and bug fixes, as well as improved translations
  • Ensure picture directory is an absolute path
  • Add ability to flip image during preview
  • Fix warnings about string length
  • Convert appdata file to metainfo and add missing info
  • Another attempt to fix build deps on enum headers
  • Display remaining shot count & ETA in repeat shooter plugin
  • Remove use of deprecated GObject macros
  • Remove use of deprecated GLib APIs
  • Ensure glib min version checks at build time
  • Convert to use GObject macros for declaring boilerplate
  • Bulk reformat code using clang-format rules
  • Force a default filename pattern if setting is invalid
  • Validate filename pattern when updating preferences
  • Rename desktop file and icon file to match application ID
  • Add ability to render text messages over image
  • Add a countdown timer for photobox plugin capture
  • Disable context menu in image browser when photobox plugin is active
  • Run live view when counting down to capturein photobox plugin
  • Fix crash releasing popup windows
  • Add context menu option for opening popup image window
  • Drop drag support for opening popup image window
  • Display greeting when opening popup image window
  • Display greeting when entering photobox plugin
  • Disable view finder after capturing image in preview mode
Thanks are due to all who have contributed to this new release whether through bug reports, feature requests, translations or code patches.

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