Announce: libvirt 1.0.0 release and 7th birthday

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Today libvirt reached the symbolic milestone of a 1.0.0 release. This is not because of any particular major new feature compared to the previous 0.10.2 release, but rather we picked 1.0.0 as a way of celebrating our 7th birthday. From the git history we see the first commit 7 years ago today:

  commit d77e1a9642fe1efe9aa5f737a640354c27d04e02
  Author: Daniel Veillard <>
  Date:   Wed Nov 2 12:50:21 2005 +0000

  Initial revision

And today the 1.0.0 release commit:

  commit 2b435c153e53e78092025c01ddc43265761b72fa
  Author: Daniel Veillard <>
  Date:   Fri Nov 2 12:08:11 2012 +0800

  Release of libvirt-1.0.0

To commemorate this occasion I have prepared a new animation of libvirt development history using gource.

While I was doing that I figured I would do one for QEMU too, which is coming up to its 10 year anniversary on Feb 18th, 2013.

In both videos it should be pretty easy to spot where the projects switched from using CVS/SVN (respectively) over to GIT, since there is dramatic increase in the number of people committing changes. A large part of this is due to the fact that GIT correctly attributes authorship, but at the same time both projects also saw a significant increase in community size as barriers to contribution were lowered.