Announce: Entangle “Graviton” release 0.5.2 – An app for tethered camera control & capture

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I am pleased to announce a new release 0.5.2 of Entangle is available for download from the usual location:

This release is primarily focused on bug fixes, but a couple of small features are thrown in too

  • Split histogram into RGB colour channels
  • Fix aperture / shutter speed calculations in status bar
  • Only import files with known image extensions
  • Use case insensitive file extension check to detect raw files
  • Set saner defaults for processing raw files to fix Canon raw display
  • Set preferences before loading session to fix settings for initial image load
  • Apply orientation from EXIF images if image file has none
  • Remove left over debug prints
  • Add support for linear histogram display mode
  • Support ‘h’ key to toggle linear/log histogram mode
  • Ensure all events are emitted in main thread
  • Remove use of deprecated GDK thread APIs
  • Use GtkGrid instead of deprecated GtkTable
  • Ensure status bar is constant size when scaling image
  • Preserve scrollbar offsets when switching images
  • Make metadata extraction more robust wrt missing fields
  • Updated translations from transifex

As before we still need help getting the UI translated into as many languages as possible, so if you are able to help out, please join the Fedora translation team:

Thanks to everyone who helped contribute to this release & troubleshooting of the previous releases.