Announce: Entangle “Z Boson” release 0.5.0 – An app for tethered camera control & capture

I am pleased to announce a new release 0.5.0 of Entangle is available for download from the usual location:

This release introduces a new of new features / enhancements

  • Switch to using LibRaw for loading raw images
  • Allowing loading image preview from raw files
  • Fix deadlock unmounting camera at startup
  • Ensure camera is disconnected before exiting
  • Sort image list by name instead of date
  • Add support for rendering “onion skin” of image sequence
  • Fix updating of range control values
  • Fix filename generation for dual-format capture modes
  • Fix deletion of dual-format images when exiting preview
  • Refresh translations

As before we still need help getting the UI translated into as many languages as possible, so if you are able to help out, please join the Fedora translation team:

Thanks to everyone who helped contribute to this release & troubleshooting of the previous releases.


Pieter said at 3:36 am on December 17th, 2012:

Thanks for the new release. Is there any reason there are no F17 RPMs? Would love to see the 0.5.0 release on F17 too.

Daniel Berrange said at 9:51 am on December 17th, 2012:

There is an F17 update now.

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