ANNOUNCE: libosinfo 0.3.1 released

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I am happy to announce a new release of libosinfo, version 0.3.1 is now available, signed with key DAF3 A6FD B26B 6291 2D0E 8E3F BE86 EBB4 1510 4FDF (4096R). All historical releases are available from the project download page.

Changes in this release include:

  • Require glib2 >= 2.36
  • Replace GSimpleAsyncResult usage with GTask
  • Fix VPATH based builds
  • Don’t include autogenerated enum files in dist
  • Fix build with older GCC versions
  • Add/improve/fix data for
    • Debian
    • OpenSUSE
    • FreeBSD
    • Windows
    • RHEL
    • Ubuntu
  • Update README content
  • Fix string comparison for bootable media detection
  • Fix linker flags for OS-X & solaris
  • Fix darwin detection code
  • Fix multiple memory leaks

Thanks to everyone who contributed towards this release.

A special note to downstream vendors/distributors.

The next major release of libosinfo will include a major change in the way libosinfo is released and distributed. The current single release will be replaced with three indepedently released artefacts:

  • libosinfo – this will continue to provide the libosinfo shared library and most associated command line tools
  • osinfo-db – this will contain only the database XML files and RNG schema, no code at all.
  • osinfo-db-tools – a set of command line tools for managing deployment of osinfo-db archives for vendors & users.

The libosinfo and osinfo-db-tools releases will be fairly infrequently as they are today. The osinfo-db releases will be done very frequently, with automated releases made available no more than 1 day after updated DB content is submitted to the project.