Announce: Entangle “Strange” release 0.6.1 – an app for tethered camera control & capture

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I am pleased to announce a new release 0.6.1 of Entangle is available for download from the usual location:

This release has primarily involved bug fixing, but one major user visible change is a rewrite of the camera control panel. Instead of showing all possible camera controls (which can imply 100’s of widgets), only 7 commonly used controls are displayed initially. Other controls can be optionally enabled at the discretion of the user and customization is remembered per camera model.

  • Require GTK >= 3.4
  • Fix check for GIO package in configure
  • Add missing icons to Makefile
  • Follow freedesktop thumbnail standard storage location
  • Refactor capture code to facilitate plugin script automation
  • Fix bug causing plugin to be displayed more than once
  • Make histogram height larger
  • Strip trailing ‘2’ from widget labels to be more friendly
  • Completely rewrite control panel display to show a small, user configurable subset from all the camera controls.
  • Remember custom list of camera controls per camera model
  • Hide compiler warnings from new glib atomic opertaions
  • Update to newer gnulib compiler warnings code
  • Remove broken double buffering code that’s no required when using GTK3
  • Remove use of deprecated GtkMisc APis
  • Allow camera picker list to show multiple lines
  • Remove crufty broken code from session browser that was breaking with new GTK versions
  • Disable libraw auto brightness since it totally overexposes many images, generally making things look worse
  • Fix memory leak handling camera events
  • Add keywords to desktop & appdata files