Announce: gerrymander 1.1 “Compulsory serving of asparagus at breakfast” – a client API and command line tool for gerrit

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Following quickly on from my announcement of release 1.0, I’m pleased to announce release 1.1 of gerrymander. Gerrymander provides a python 2 and python 3 compatible API for extracting interesting information from gerrit about changes, along with a command line tool exposing several reports. If you use gerrit for any non-trivially sized project, this tool has the potential to significantly improve your review workflow efficiency. For those working on OpenStack, I’ve created a sample configuration file that includes all the core openstack teams and bot accounts.

Thanks to contributions from a number of interested parties this release has a bunch of small fixes included:

  • Fix syntax for passing username to ssh
  • Fix syntax error in patch review stats reprot
  • Fix misc typos in help / example configs
  • Ignore unexpected change type
  • Expand ~ in config file paths
  • Avoid duplicate names in AUTHORS file

You can get it from pypi

 # pip install gerrymander

Or straight from GitHub

 # git clone git://

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