New CPANTS test criteria for Fedora suitability

Posted: April 14th, 2008 | Filed under: Fedora | No Comments »

CPANTS is an automated testing system for Perl modules hosted on CPAN which checks various Perl Kwalitee guidelines. There was recently a hackathon to add more guidlines to the testrig and interestingly a couple of these are focusing on distribution integration points.

  • fits_fedora_license – this validates the module license against the allowable Fedora license list. In particular this seeks to fail modules which are Artistic v1 only – modules need to be dual Artistic/GPL to be suitable for Fedora. This is a great example of how Fedora’s rigour around licensing is raising awareness across the open source community & helping to identify and solve problems before they get to the distro.
  • easily_repackageable_by_fedora – this is a compound metric which validates that the fits_fedora_license and no_generated_files metrics were satisfied by the module.

Unfortunately with all these new metrics I’ve got a whole bunch more failures to address in my CPAN modules.