Virtualization and DVD pricing (not related!)

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DV has been doing some great (and much needed) work to provide a stable API for managing Xen, by building the libvirt library. There are already APIs in C, and Python, but when it comes to system administration I’m really a Perl guy so I knocked up a set of XS bindings (in the Sys::Virt namespace) to allow libvirt to be called from Perl scripts. With DV’s recent 0.1.0 release of libvirt I thought it timely to upload the Perl bindings to CPAN, thus there is now a module Sys-Virt 0.1.0 available. There’s basic API docs, along with a couple of practical examples

On an unrelated note, its been great to be able to buy DVDs in Boston/the US at a fraction the price I’d have paid in London. So I was rather surprised to come across a DVD that actually costs more here – Abbas Kiarostami‘s film 10 comes in at 26.99 USD, vs 8.97 GBP (equiv ~15 USD). Never thought I’d be shipping DVD’s from the UK to the US! Now just got to get around to ordering one of the nice MultiSystem (PAL+NTSC) & MultiRegion Pioneer DVD players so I can watch DVDs on a real TV instead of my laptop…