Announce: Release of Entangle v0.2.0 – An app for tethered camera control & capture

Posted: September 18th, 2010 | Filed under: Entangle | 2 Comments »

A few months on from the first release, I’ve polished off the latest changes in Entangle and pushed out a new release version 0.2.0. This is primarily a bug fix and code maintenance release, with the following important changes

  • Better compatibility with cameras which don’t support event notifications, allowing use of capture functionality
  • Rewrote the preview mode to actually be useful, providing a continuously updating live view until ready to capture
  • Directly offers to unmount the camera if it is locked by the GVFS gphoto2 plugin preventing its use for capture.
  • Replaces custom plugin code with use of libpeas.
  • Vastly improved the error reporting and logging to make diagnosis of camera problems easier
  • Fixed a nasty infinite loop in the camera capture code where a camera event could keep resetting the event timeout
  • Fixed a crash in accessing udev properties

It is already built for Fedora 14 and on its way into updates-testing, Fedora 15 will have to wait due to broken build roots caused by mutually conflicting upstart/systemd packages:-(  Alternatively grab the source code from the download area. For the next release I’m aiming to improve the full screen mode to give access to some of the capture & config controls, and generally improve the UI for camera configuration controls.