Historic mailing list archives

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DV writes that 5 years worth of archives of the xml@gnome.org and xslt@gnome.org mailing lists have gone AWOL. All is not lost, however, since GMane has historic archives of xml@gnome.org stretching back to December 2001, and for xslt@gnome.org stretching back to March 2002. I don’t know if there were older messages than these, but that looks like a sizeable chunk of the archives.

Are you a starter or a finisher ?

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Like many other Red Hat folk, I was down in Nashville for the summit last week. One evening I was chatting with jrb about developers either being “starters” (people who kick off projects & then drift off into other things) or “finishers” (who see things through to the end & put the polish on apps). Well you only have to look at my Mercurial server, to see I’m pretty much a “starter” – lots of code, very little of which is “finished”.

So, this weekend I decided it was time to be a “finisher” for a while. To that end I released an update to the Perl DBus bindings (Net::DBus), and Config::Record. I also applied a little polish to a “mock” test driver for libVirt which I will shortly commit, and continued documenting more of Test-AutoBuild in preparation for a major release (which has been an unbelievable 2 years in the making). All in all, quite a productive weekend.

Oh, BTW, for those who were at the summit – I’ve uploaded copies of my slides which contain a fair bit of extra info compared to the version distributed on the CD. For those of weren’t at the summit – I was talking about management of virtual systems, with a heavy emphasis on libvirt, and a little about the tools we’re building on top of it. Before anyone asks, I plan to make the source for the GUI virtual machine management tool available in the next few weeks.